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The Choice of a Content Management System for an Artist's Website

If you are reading this, chances are that you are at the 2020 redesign for, which is the "current work" site, as opposed to my more archival site, In discussion with my wife Negin Ehtesabian ( based on her advice from curator Jolaine Frizzell, I decided to use a platform ( and streamlining content for a more contemporary art/criticism format.


While I wonder about numerous platforms like wix, squarespace, withoutcode, and which platform will last as opposed to just hosting my own code, the functionality of these sites have expanded immensely, and I believe that they represent a general best practice for hosting web content. For me, this is a consistency as a design teacher in using the tools I teach, and remaining current with contemporary practices.

I believe in doing what works as opposed to being a perfectionist or saying that I will do one design and stay with it forever (I will talk about the design of my branding since 1989 as an example in a future post). At this time, while I'll remain making my own code at, this site will be platform based as the time it will save is priceless.

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