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Techspressionism Works
Digital Art, NFTs

In 2020, my classmate in graduate school, Colin Goldberg, asked me about my feelings about expressionism and technology in the Contemporary and whether I would be willing to engage in a global conversation about the genre's state. From this, along with Dav0, Negin Ehtesabian, and many others, we started techspressionism(.com), an international community of artists exploring the inner landscape with new media. Although Expressionism as a "movement" is nothing new, we realize that it creates a sensibility and tradition that we connect with. Since my origins in painting start with Kandinsky's "Concerning the Spiritual in Art," I felt a connection to this idea.  Within a year, we have grown to over 100+ artists from every continent (except Antarctica). Techspressionism explores the affective connection artists have with their technology and how that reveals itself.

Techspressionist Collab w/Colin Goldberg 2020-21

As some of its first collective gestures, Techspressionism began to organize a series of collaborative conversations, myself and my colleague Colin Goldberg, Neginete and Roz Dimon, and others. I began by referring to forms created in Personal Taxonomies and began to miz other digital paintings on the iPad. The result was surprising and revealed a signpost to where the work would go.

Shaal Project - Tehran 2021

For a textile show in Tehran, Negin Ehtesabian (Neginete) and I were commissioned to create scarves and shawls (shaals in Farsi) for a fashion event Tehran. These designs were the second step toward the Sill Life series, my "style" in Techspressionism.

Techspressionist Still Life Series 2021 

After engaging in the above projects, I decided to put a concerted effort into creating my interpretation of "techspressionist" works. I began by making sketches with style transfers in the Artificial Intelligence platform and layering them with freeform morphs from my Personal Taxonomies project. The results have been breathtaking.


Techspressionist Still Life 5 2021 1200P
Techspressionist Still Life 5 2021 1200P

Techspressionism Collab x Colin Goldberg (2020)

PatrickLichtyLongscar2021 _ 2.jpg
PatrickLichty SquareScarf1.jpg
PatrickLichtyLongscar2021 _ 1-Recovered.

Shaal series (2021)

Techspressionist Still lives (1-8) ed. 5 50x050 cm

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