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Curatorial Projects
Since the 1990's I have been involved in the practice of non/quasi-institutional curation of New Media. This came from the simple fact that during its seminal years, New Media Art (sic) was hesitantly embraced by galleries and museums.  My work as an independent curator, and editor for Christiane Paul's Intelligent Agent Magazine was based on my passion for having work seen/read that would otherwise not have. Since then, I have been interested in experimental media arts curation. 


Activatar, "Yeni Esthetik" (2019-) App-Based Gallery

Yeni Esthetik: The Eternal Networks of West Asia" was created for the NEoN festival in dundee Scotland and the Wrong Biennial as an app-based show of works from Central and West Asia. The exhibition includes a single-channel video by Shalala Salamzadeh, a 360 immersive video by Mohsen Hazrati and an augmented reality installation by Anvar Musrepov. The show is downloadable from the App Store and from this website.


Sudden Gallery (2019-) Router-Based Gallery

As part of the Wrong Biennial (, I created a backpack-based gallery for the mobile exhibition of net-based art. It also has a web-based gallery ( that shows the project for 3-6 months. 
#thewrong #suddengallery

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