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Calligraphy Project (subset of Personal Taxonomies)
512 calligraphic paintings,  Jacquard Textiles

Before Personal Taxonomies, The Calligraphy Project engaged the "daily practice" meme. During my time in Abu Dhabi, I sat at breakfast and practiced these works. The Project was inspired by the "Alien Calligraphies Project" that I created in 2007 at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. That work was inspired by the "Zen For Bot" exhibition at Barrister's Gallery in 2003.  The notion of automatic in drawing continues to fascinate, coming from the work of Verostko, Molnar, and Kuniyama, and Arp.

Even though my work largely engages with the Apollonian impulses of technology, code (as in my love of art of computer processes, or "Algorism"), The Calligraphy Project allows the exploration of the ineffable parts of creativity. 

\Although the first 512 of these were used in the Personal Taxonomies project, The Calligraphy project continues on as a more or less daily practice.

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